Hey, I’m Tommy and this is the Gallery Backyard BBQ.

The Gallery Backyard BBQ started as a YouTube channel for the backyard griller and then morphed into a popular FaceBook Group for new BBQers and seasoned pros alike and now the website. This trifecta of content on all the different platforms will be bringing you my personal favorites along with favorites from around the web..

ABOUT ME… I started cooking at my moms restaurant at age 15 or so… first salads, then worked my way up to the flat top, and eventually over to the saute section; over to steaks and chops. I’ve got a whirl-wind of recipes in store for the channel and website, as well as sponsored products, sponsored mods and innovation testing for some of the best grills/smokers on the planet. Some are of my own creation; some from around the web, and some from members/viewers and subscribers like yourself. My cooking arsenal is as follows:

  • Pit Boss 820 (Brand Ambassador)
  • Blackstone 36 Air Fryer Combo
  • Masterbuilt Gravity 560/1050
  • Weber 22” Master Touch Premium Kettle
  • Weber Q 1200

So sit back and Enjoy.

For any inquiries, merch, including business or sponsorship, please contact me at info@gallerybackyardbbq.com


Enjoying a beer in a great place! Cheers!